Know your personality by the shape of your fingers

Fingers can say a lot about your personality. If you are fond of zodiac signs, horoscopes and palmistry, then the given information may interest you.....

Know your personality by the shape of your fingers

If you are fond of zodiac signs, horoscopes and palmistry, this might also be interesting for you. Your fingers can say a lot about your personality and surprisingly it is based on science. Research shows that your finger proportions are determined by whether you were exposed to the hormones testosterone or estrogen in the womb.

index finger shorter than ring finger

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Scientists have observed that early exposure to testosterone can affect certain behavioral traits in animals, and so the same logic can be applied to humans. The shorter your index finger is compared to your ring finger, the more testosterone you will receive in the womb. If this applies to you, it means you're probably good at endurance sports, you have good spatial reasoning, you're good at solving puzzles and math.

Researchers conducted tests in which one group of women were given testosterone drops and some were given placebo drops. The men who had the testosterone drops performed better on spatial tests and basic math tasks.

On the other hand, higher testosterone exposure in utero may mean that you are less likely to be faithful in the future. Research shows that adults who have short index fingers are more likely to have promiscuous sex. Another interesting detail is that the women who participated in the study were asked about their sexual orientation, and women with shorter index fingers admitted that they were attracted to other women.

index finger longer than ring finger

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People whose index finger is longer than the ring finger are very confident. They know what they want and know how to get it. They are also very self-sufficient and don't really like to ask for help. These are people who like to take a leadership position in a group. They are very analytical in their thinking and like to calculate all possible outcomes while making decisions. In a romantic scenario or in business, they also have no problem making the first move.

There are people who openly tell their boss about the need for a salary increase, justify their position with all the arguments and generally achieve their goal.

index finger and ring finger are the same length

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These people are likely to be serial monogamists. They would rather be in a relationship than be single and ready to date. These people are also more likely to get married early. Their memory also improves, and they rarely forget what they wanted to do, what they wanted to buy.

These people are usually very caring. He loves to take care of his loved ones and is often seen as the mother figure of his group of friends. They are also quite peaceful and try to avoid conflict whenever possible.

Unfortunately, symmetrical fingers also have a downside. Apparently, people who have the same length of their index and ring fingers are also more likely to be depressed and anxious.