Air quality: Delhi, Noida and NCR air quality, AQI in 'severe' category

Air quality: The air in the areas of NCR including Delhi, Noida reached the 'severe' category. It was difficult for people to breathe.....

Air quality: Delhi, Noida and NCR air quality, AQI in 'severe' category

Air quality: The areas of NCR including Delhi, Noida do not seem to be getting rid of polluted air. People are finding it difficult to even breathe in this poisonous air. Due to this toxic air, the risk of many serious respiratory diseases is increasing.

Pollution fog engulfed the national capital on Tuesday as well, taking the air quality in the 'severe category' in many areas. For your information, let us tell you that in Dhirpur, Delhi, the Air Quality Index (AQI) has been recorded up to 594 in the 'severe' category, while in Noida (UP) it (Air Quality Index, AQI) is 444 in the 'severe' category. were recorded. The air quality was also found in 'very poor' category in Gurugram (Haryana), where AQI was recorded at 391 i.e. 'very poor' category.

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These 17 areas of Delhi are air in severe category

For the last five days, the people of Delhi are facing severe pollution in the air. As of Monday, the air has been recorded in the severe category in 17 areas of the capital Delhi. During this period, the amount of pollutant particles in the air was almost three times more than the standards. Air quality experts are also blaming stubble burning for this. Deteriorating air quality can cause breathing problems in lungs, respiratory, asthma and heart patients, children and the elderly.

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