For Perfect Face Skin Night Time Skin Care Are :

The type of skin is determined by genetics, although it will also be affected by other factors and can change with time. Based on these characteristics, there are five types of healthy skin: normal, dry, oily, combination (both oily and dry skin) and sensitive.

For Perfect Face Skin Night Time Skin Care Are :

If you are careless about your skin at night time, we need to tell you that nighttime skincare is as necessary as a daytime skincare routine. Since the nighttime regime helps repair skin cells to ensure quicker healing and accelerates skin cell regeneration.
Here are 5 things you should do for your skin:

Remove all the makeup

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While partying, one’s makeup tends to get mixed with sweat and dirt that can cause skin problems like acne and blemishes later. So the first thing one should do is to remove the makeup. The easiest DIY makeup remover needs one tablespoon of aloe vera gel and one tablespoon of olive oil or jojoba oil. Dab with cotton and apply it to the face. It helps remove eyeliner and mascara as effectively as foundation and blushes, leaving the skin clean, fresh, and lustrous.

Drink water

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It is necessary to keep yourself hydrated for a healthy skin texture. Consumption of alcohol and cocktails while partying has a dehydrating effect on the body as well as on the skin. Alcohol dilates the pores of the skin, leading to blackheads and whiteheads. To add to the hydration, one could spray some pure rose water or dab it with cotton to rejuvenate the skin pores. Rosewater gives a soothing rehydrating effect on the skin.

Pamper with face serums

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The convention to apply face serums is to apply them twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. There are a variety of face serums available for all skin types. They have the added benefit of leaving one’s skin fresh, plumpy, and radiant. Face serums containing Hyaluronic Acid with vitamin C are the best for the after-party skincare regime. Hyaluronic Acid helps replenish skin to boost hydration and improve skin elasticity. Vitamin C further adds luminous, radiant, and younger-looking skin.

Face cream 

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Face serum and face cream go hand-in-hand when it comes to skincare routines. One provides moisture and the other locks the moisture. The best cream to apply after the face serum is a Kumkumadi Tailam based cream. Kumkumadi is suitable for all skin types but is most effective on dry and sensitive skin types. Kumkumadi tailam has antiseptic, disinfected, and soothing properties. So it is the best precaution you can take to avoid skin problems like acne and blemishes after retaining makeup for a long time.

Wrap it up with a pink clay mask:

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Pink Clay helps to improve skin elasticity and cell renewal. Pink clay primarily consists of Australian clay, Seaweed, and Pomegranate. Australian clay detoxifies and brightens skin and Pomegranate firms skin cells to give a more radiant and younger look to your skin. It leaves the skin soft and smooth, and further, helps to minimize blackheads and promote a radiant and balanced complexion. With inputs from IANS.