Health tips for winter Control sugar level with this easy diet

The pleasant weather of winter has arrived, but those who are fond of food and those who have sugar complaints, this season is going to bother them a little, in such a situation you have to take special care of your diet....

Health tips for winter Control sugar level with this easy diet

With the onset of winter season, people start remembering delicious and spicy food. Because the winter season is the favorite season of the food lovers and even so, because in this season where the variety of fruits and vegetables increases, the appetite also increases and everyone chills in the cold and enjoys the hot things. But for those who have diabetes or who are standing on the border of diabetes, this season can be very troublesome. In such a situation, you will need to pay a lot of attention to your diet. So let us know how the diet plan should be to keep the blood sugar level under control.

Insulin process is disrupted

Now this question may also be arising in your mind that why the problem of diabetes increases in the winter season. For your information, let us tell you that during this season there is a disturbance in the process of making insulin. The blood thickens from above and when the temperature is low, the body needs more energy and then more insulin to function properly. Food and drink are also available in winter and hunger is also felt and the sugar level also deteriorates due to overeating.


People who work out regularly when the weather is cold, no matter how much they eat, they will not have any problem. The problem is for those who only sit and eat and drink and do not sweat. That is why it is important that you do exercise or yoga for at least half an hour daily.

diet plan

  • Take half teaspoon fenugreek powder in the morning
  • Drink cucumber-bitter gourd-tomato juice with breakfast
  • Eat sprouts, oatmeal, milk, brown bread in breakfast
  • Eat fruits like guava, apple, orange, papaya before lunch
  • Eat two rotis, brown rice, lentils, vegetables, curd and salad in lunch.
  • Any Baked Snacks with Green Tea for Evening Snack
  • Eat two rotis, a bowl of vegetables for dinner at 6 pm
  • Take 1 glass of turmeric milk before sleeping at night

sugar will be controlled

  • drink giloy
  • Mandukasana- Yoga Mudrasana beneficial
  • Do Kapalbhati for 15 minutes

Relief from obesity

  • drink lukewarm water
  • Take lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach
  • drink gourd soup
  • eat vegetables and juices
  • Reduce the intake of cereals and rice
  • drink water 1 hour after eating
  • Know what is normal sugar level
  • less than 100 before eating
  • less than 140 after a meal


  • More than 125 mg/dl before meals
  • More than 200 mg/dl after a meal


  • 100-125 mg/dl before meals
  • 140-199 mg/dl after meals