Indigo aircraft engine fire before take-off in Delhi

A few seconds after the flight to Bengaluru took off on Friday night, the plane's engine caught fire, after which the plane landed at the Delhi airport......

A video of an IndiGo plane is going viral, in this video it is clearly visible how the plane caught fire a few seconds before the flight to Bengaluru on Friday night, after which the plane landed at Delhi airport.

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Delhi Police said that all passengers and crew members on board IndiGo flight 6E-2131 are safe. There were 184 people on board the Airbus A-320 aircraft.

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The incident happened around 9:45 pm and the passengers were not immediately evacuated. The passengers disembarked after 11 pm and boarded another flight around midnight.

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One of the passengers, Priyanka Kumar, posted a clip of the incident on Twitter, in which an engine caught fire and sparks were seen coming out.