Keep eyesight intact with these 4 easy exercises

In the hectic life of digital, we forget our eyes, we are engaged in smartphone, TV or laptop all day, due to which the problem of itching and pain in the eyes as well as blurred vision and Problems like double vision also start happening.

Keep eyesight intact with these 4 easy exercises

Most of our time these days is spent looking at some kind of digital screen. This also includes the screen of smartphones and TVs, laptops, etc. Sitting in front of a digital screen for a long time leads to dry eyes. Along with the problem of itching and pain in the eyes, there are also problems like blurred vision and double vision. This is all because of the blue light emitted from these digital screens. Due to continuous sitting in front of computer, mobile screen or TV, traces of fatigue also appear in the eyes.

Often we start our day by looking at the messages that came overnight on the mobile. After this, laptop, computer and TV screens as well as mobile screens keep turning our eyes throughout the day. This kind of digital pressure on the eyes badly affects our eyes. Constantly sitting in front of the screen can also cause headaches and red eyes.

Every year 13 October is observed as World Sight Day. This day inspires one to be serious towards the eyes. Let us all take care of our eyes, so that we continue to see this beautiful world even further, so this day has special significance. This day is also important to raise awareness about the problems related to eyes. In this digital age, there is a lot of pressure on our eyes, but despite this, we can take care of the eyes in certain ways. Let's know how to take care of eyes

Your eyesight will increase with this exercise


  • Palming is an exercise that gives great relief to the eyes and the warmth of the hands relaxes the muscles of the eyes as well as increases blood flow in them.
  • For palmistry exercise, you have to rub both your palms vigorously for 10-15 seconds until they become warm.
  • When the palms are warm, place the palms on the eyes in such a way that your fingers are on the forehead.
  • You can do this exercise over and over again as long as you want.


  • Along with increasing eyesight, this exercise also increases memory and focus. It is good for boosting your concentration as well as willpower.
  • For tratak, you have to sit directly in the medium light of the room.
  • The way you sit should be absolutely comfortable.
  • Keep an object at a distance of two feet from where you are sitting, it is better if this object is a candle.
  • Now sitting in your place, breathe in the normal way and keep looking at that candle without blinking, till your eyes start watering.

Create Virtual Eight

  • The technique of making eyes with eyes strengthens the muscles of the eyes as well as brings flexibility in them.
  • For this you have to first focus on an Imaginary 8 on the ground.
  • Now slowly move your eyes clockwise in the shape of 8 i.e. move the pupil of your eye.
  • With this technique, move the eyes in the same direction at least 10 times.
  • After that repeat this action counterclockwise as well.

Blinking and Cupping

  • By adopting this technique, the dirt of the eyes is removed and along with strengthening the eye tissue, the eyes are also protected from infection. This also increases the flow of blood in the veins around the eyes.
  • Rub your palms vigorously until it becomes sufficiently warm.
  • Now making circular palms, cover the eyes from all sides for 10 seconds.
  • Remove the palms from the eyes and then blink the eyes continuously while looking up, down, right and left. Blink at least 10 times in one direction.
  • Do this exercise two to three times.