Mother's Day 2022: Special and meaningful activities to treat your mom with the best Mother's Day surprise

Mother's Day 2022: Mother's Day falls on May 8. Here are seven meaningful activities that you can plan to treat your mom to the best Mother's Day surprise.

Mother's Day 2022: Special and meaningful activities to treat your mom with the best Mother's Day surprise

Mother's Day 2022: Mother's Day falls on May 8 this year. If you haven't bookmarked the occasion in your calendar, you might as well do it now. This day is celebrated across the world to honor mothers, mother-like figures in our lives, and even our grandmothers. One can do the same by planning surprises for their moms or arranging an activity that they will truly love. Or, you can follow this guide and plan something out of the box instead of waiting until the last minute.

These are a few suggestions that will involve efforts from both of you, involve your whole family, and give you plenty of time to bond. We are talking about gifting your mom with your time and doing things together. 

Make Additions To The Garden
There's no better gift than making your backyard more beautiful if your mother loves gardening. You can start by gifting them a new flower, plant, or herb sapling with a handwritten instructions chart to take care of it. It will show you have put genuine efforts into making their day special. Moreover, when the plants bloom, they will remind them of you. You can also plan the whole day with your mother and take care of their garden - help plant new saplings, get rid of weeds, water the plants, and more.

Help Pursue Their Hobby

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Our mothers spend the whole day keeping busy with their office or home life. They never get a chance to unwind by doing things they like or a past hobby they enjoy - like dancing, singing, yoga, playing instruments, running, or more. If you know an activity your mother has been planning to do for ages, then enroll them in a class or download an online app and keep pushing to pursue the hobby. It will bring a smile to their face.

Have A Game Or Movie Night
Game nights or movie nights equal meaningful time together. So, gather up your family and do this activity together. If you choose game night, try interactive options like charades, online trivia games, or board games. If it is a movie night, pick your mother's favorite and prepare everything beforehand - from dinner to popcorn to after-show desserts.

Take A Family Hike

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Your mother is an outdoor person but has a long to-do list to complete with no time to go out? Well, we have the perfect idea for you to arrange. Plan to take them on an outdoor hike on Mother's Day. It will help them unwind amid nature, give them a chance to get off their mobile phone, and spend quality time with you. Pick a moderate or easy trail if it is their first time hiking. Additionally, nature walks can help remove the negative effects of stress.

Cook Or Bake Together

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Cooking is a great bonding activity. Try your hand at something you've never made before or a gourmet dish your mother has been dying to try. Get all the ingredients and put on your chef's hat for some fun time in the kitchen.

Plan A Short Vacay At Their Favourite Destination

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If you and your mother have been planning to go on a trip for ages or your mother has been wishing to visit a destination but never got a chance, then what better time to fulfill this dream. Plan a short holiday to this favorite place and see their face light up. If you are arranging for a staycation, you might as well book all the relaxing activities available, including massage, cooking, or lounging by the pool.

So, what activities are you planning for this Mother's Day?