Ms. Marvel Official Trailer launched.

As EW notes, in the comics, Kamala has superpowers similar to those of Ant-Man in that she can change the size of her body. She can also change the size of just one part of her body, including making a huge fist.

On March 15, Disney+ shared the first trailer for its anticipated new series, Ms. Marvel, which centers around the MCU's first on-screen Muslim superhero. 

Ms. Marvel is the superhero alias of Kamala Khan, a Muslim American teenager from Jersey City who is a megafan of Captain Marvel. Kamala spends most of her life feeling like she doesn't fit in until she makes the fascinating discovery that she has superpowers just like the heroes she looks up to. 

In the comics, Kamala is later revealed to be an Inhuman, "a race of humans descended from genetically-enhanced forebears who can manifest powers when exposed to a substance known as the Terrigen Mists," per Entertainment Weekly.