Rashmika Mandanna breaks silence on getting 'hate' from users, and gives a befitting reply to trollers

South's star, Rashmika Mandanna Queen of Expression who is 'National Crush'. These days there is a lot of trolling on social media, on which today he has broken the silence and told his fans about his heart.....

Rashmika Mandanna breaks silence on getting 'hate' from users, and gives a befitting reply to trollers

The Queen of South's Star Expression (Rashmika Mandanna) who is 'National Crush'. She has become famous in every household after 'Pushpa: The Rise'. The speed with which his fan following has increased after the film became a hit is really commendable. If seen, as many fans of Rashmika Mandanna have increased, the haters have also come out in the open. 'Goodbye' fame Rashmika Mandanna is getting hate and negativity on social media these days. Users are calling them rubbish. Rashmika Mandanna is a little upset seeing so much hatred for herself on the internet. The actress has kept her point while replying to these users through social media posts.

Rashmika gave the users a bewilderment

Rashmika Mandanna wrote, "Many things have been bothering me since the last few days. Or rather I have been troubled for a few months. I think I should talk openly about this now. I am only talking about myself. I'll talk." Which I probably should have done many years ago. Ever since I started my career, I have been getting a lot of hate. Trolls and negativity are like a punching bag for me. I know very well that the life I have chosen has a price. I also know that not everyone can like me. Not everyone can love me. It doesn't mean that if you don't like me, you have the right to spread negativity too."

Rashmika's reply to the haters

Rashmika Mandanna further wrote, "Only I know what kind of work I do. I work day and night to make everyone happy. The peace and happiness I get after working I only think about him." I try to make you and myself feel proud with whatever work I do. It is heartbreaking for me to see, when I am hearing or reading things for myself that I am nowhere to be found. I have seen that the things I have said in the interview are being misinterpreted.

False things are being spread about me on the internet. These things can have a bad effect on my relationship with the industry. Whatever I am saying, I am saying it only to my negativity spreaders. Those who love me, don't take this to your heart. Keep loving me. It is your constant love and support due to which I have been able to gather courage and speak my mind. I will keep working harder and I will try to do better. Thank you."