What are the Pros and Cons of Technology?

Technology is the continually developing result of accumulated knowledge and application in all techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in industrial production and scientific research.

What are the Pros and Cons of Technology?

In today’s Era, the Enhancement of new technology really cause an impact on the young generation, and also technology changed the world in every field of life but How is Technology Affecting the Younger Generation in 2022. Technology allows you to explore as many things as you wish to probe. Over the last few decades, the impact of technology has been massively increased and can be easily seen in every walk of life. With every passing day, technology is growing and making lives happier and more convenient for everyone, especially for the young generation. Technology has enabled our young generation to pursue their goals and opened up the paths of success for them. For them, technology is a source of information, entertainment, and distraction all at the same time, and each has a direct effect on our youth development.

There is a saying
                          “I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction.
                                    The world will have a generation of Idiots.”

So let us count the ways that How is Technology Affects the Younger Generation and let’s have a comprehensive look at the positive and negative effects of technology on today’s youth.

A massive amount of entertainment without leaving the sofa

image source Verywell Mind
Back in the good old days, we had to dip into stores like Tower Records or Rasputin to pick up the new Britney Spears album or stop by Hollywood Video to rent a new flick. Thanks to technology, these tasks are a breeze! From the comfort of my apartment, while watching the fight on Pay Per View, I can pause mid-match to double-check that my favorite songs on the Music app( Spotify, iTunes, Saavn, Gaana) have been downloaded or my playlists on Spotify synced to my smartphone. I switch inputs on my television to my PS3 which has a Blu-Ray DVD of Avatar in to watch one of my favorite clips. I then slip on my XBOX 360 headset to flip inputs again and finish up party chatting with my friend's list, as they’ve been waiting for me to play a session of Call of Duty: Black Ops with them. That’s TV, movies, video games, hanging out with friends, all without ever having to get up from my couch.

Technology enhances the Creativity of Youth:

image source MassCultural Council
What do you think that the technology of today is helping in increasing the creativity of youth or it is hindering it? So my answer would be yes it is increasing the creativity and mindsets of today’s youth because youth have strong observing power. They observe deeply and experience things with the help of technology which thus enhances their creativity.

Technology is Creating Isolation:

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Technology has made our youth stay isolated. Because of the excessive use of technology, people try to deny real-life facts and things and engage themselves in other activities. Technology provides them with everything they want so when they start fulfilling their needs by the use of technology, they try to stay isolated and this isolation thus results in ruining the true relationships.

Technology cause depression and Anxiety:
image source Verywell Mind
Technology Affects the Younger Generation both physically and mentally if a person uses it in Excess amount. Everything has a bad impact if you can use it regularly in excess amount in routine time. It may cause interruption, narcissism, desire for moment delight, and even discouragement.

Ease of Access to Inappropriate information:

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Technology made access to information easy and simpler. The information present on the internet is useful but not every information present on the internet is useful for everyone. Access to inappropriate content is made extremely so easy and convenient and is exploiting our younger generation in a greater amount.

Delivery services on steroids:

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we used to spoil ourselves with an occasional delivered meal, a pizza, or Chinese food, whatever was nearest to us and delivered. Delivery services and online shopping have evolved so rapidly that realistically, we don’t have to leave our homes to do “chores” anymore. We can get groceries, clothes, dinner, laundry, makeup [insert anything else you can think of here] delivered directly to our front door.

                        “Technology is a Useful Servant But a dangerous Master”