Wonders of Walking

Walking is one of the main gaits of terrestrial locomotion among legged animals. Walking is typically slower than running and other gaits. Walking is defined by an 'inverted pendulum' gait in which the body vaults over the stiff limb or limbs with each step.

Wonders of Walking

After every few days, there’s always someone to roll out the same sentence to me, “The other day I saw you.” Some of them then take a pause to recall the exact road, usually faded from their memory. “What road was it, let me think,” they go on. I ask back, “Was I walking?” which as expected fetches the same reply, “Yes, you were.” After all, I love walking, wherever I am, wherever I go, considering it my favourite companion.
It offers many fruits beyond exercise, which my car fails to present to me. I admit, I am no morning walker but I cover long distances on foot without being one. If I have absorbed immensely from my travels, it’s because of the walks.

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The day I don’t walk, I feel I missed some opportunity. It’s certainly one of my therapies that within minutes irons out all the stress I may be carrying as it makes me talk to myself and arms me with beautiful answers on life. Whenever I am looking for a solution to something, I know walking will surely help, and it always does. Even Rumi, the philosopher, viewed, “As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.”

During my wander, as I love to observe the world around me, catching everyday life scenes fascinates me. It plucks me away from the mundane and is so rejuvenating. Even if I follow the same route frequently, I am never jaded as there’s always something new to clap the eyes upon. When I am in the woods, the experience is much more rewarding. Thanks to the magic of nature’s lap, where with every step, the best epiphanies cross the mind, and I make it a point to turn them into my articles.

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These epiphanies are enlightening, which is why whenever I go to my village, I never forget to thread through the green fields. I love those muddy paths, their fragrances and the fresh air. I also like to stroll along the rail track passing through the village as it enjoys the company of beautiful scenery.

One of my destinations is the next village where my uncle lives. His children always get surprised that I came walking since many may not label it as walking distance. It’s soothing for me and en route I feel I have become a psychologist.

Walks also hold the power to surprise as William Wordsworth said, “Going for a walk is an invitation for a surprise.” I have experienced it repeatedly, also during my travels. I have come across the most inspiring sculptures, interesting locals, street entertainers, an array of food flavours, and even celebrities, and a lot more, which immensely surprised me, filling me with stunning moments and memories forever.